2017 Westie Walk Fun!

It’s a day we’ve been looking forward to for months!

When Kiera from the Westie Rescue of Canada got in touch about the Westie Besties being part of this years’ Westie Walk, we were so excited! Supporting this lovely breed has been awesome via Instagram, but to widen the support to the Vancouver Westie Walk was a huge goal for us.

Starting the morning at Lighthouse Park in West Vancouver, dozens and dozens of sweet little white Westies started lining up behind the bag piper, waiting to be led down the trails to the main event. Lucy made her intro rather loudly; sharing her over-excited operatic voice with everyone present (heehee), and Peach started off her intros a tad more aggressively (whoops!), but once we all started walking, everyone calmed down and followed the piper happily to the main event area.

** Watch all the way to the end of our Westie Walk video to catch all the Instastory cuteness from the day! **

Rescue pups parades, wiener dunks, water races, and tons of wonderful prizes on the raffle tables (our Westie Bestie mugs and prints were the tip of the iceberg), this event totally knocked our socks off (dogs included). I am so proud to have been part of it, via our Westie Bestie merch and walking the trail ourselves with Peach and Lucy. Amazing job, Westie Rescue of Canada!

To donate to the Westie Rescue of Canada and continue supporting the protection and well-being of West Highland White Terriers, visit http://www.westierescueofcanada.com!

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