Welcome to The Westie Besties!

Welcome to 2017, and welcome to The Westie Besties! We are so excited to begin the New Year with a new project; especially when the project has to do with two very sweet little West Highland White Terriers. (Well… one of them is more cream than white).

I guess I should introduce myself! Since obviously Peach and Lucy aren’t putting pen to paper (or fingers to keys, in this case), they’ve left this lovely task to me, Katherine Penfold, their fur-mum.

I’m a singer/songwriter first… video producer, vlogger, artist, online marketing/social media maven, knitter… and fur-mum to Peach and Lucy; my two Westies. Me and my husband live in Vancouver, Canada and we’re lovin’ life.

The Westie Besties was an almost-sheepish action on my part. Since the dawn of Instagram my friends have told me I needed to make them an account of their own, but all I heard in the back of my mind was the voices of people who’ve made fun of my large portfolio of Westie pictures. Well… New Year, new you, right?! After a few days of watching The Westie Besties growing on Instagram, I suddenly realized I’d accidentally stumbled across a long-lost dream of mine to help people with their dogs (of all breeds) after growing up training Border Collies alongside my father and running my own dog sled team with those same Border Collies. I’ve always told myself it was a dream I could only do once I reached retirement age, but thanks to that one little step in January 2017 I’ve been able to start creating and achieving a huge passion goal.

Me, Peach & Lucy are so happy you’re a part of our community, and we hope you enjoy the posts that come out of this website, our Instagram and other Social Media Platforms! You can expect loads of our learning moments from 5+ years with the Westies, training memories from my Border Collie days, remedies, recipes and other yummy love for dogs with sensitive tummies and skin, as well as all the recommendations I can find that I hope you’ll love when it comes to total care of your dog.

Go explore our page, get to know us, come join us on our Social Media (links at the top or at the bottom of our website!)… we can’t wait to chat to you!

Cheers to 2017!



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