A Thrifty Pup Valentine’s Week!

Here at The Westie Besties, we’re kinda big into Valentine’s Day. (Like… we really love it). And for this, our first Valentine’s Day (Week), we’ve collaborated with Thrifty Pup; one of our favourite artisan brands from Chicago creating bowties and bows from up-cycled fabrics!

The moment Thrifty Pup came across our Instagram feed, we were in love. It may have been Kirby (gorgeous Golden Retriever, Top Model, mascot, and inspiration behind the company), but though that sweet face was definitely a contributor, what we fell in love with was all the magnificently hand-crafted products that make up Thrifty Pup. It was so hard to choose which bows Peach and Lucy would sport on this very special Valentine’s occasion, but eventually we chose matching “Pretty in Pink” bows made from luxurious pink satin fabric. Being a serial creator myself, I was so excited to experience these gorgeous bows and the beautiful packaging they were arriving in, and BOY did they deliver!

Because of all this beautiful attention to detail, I emailed Thrifty Pup founder, Kimberly, a few questions so we can all get to know her and her gorgeous brand a little more! AND, until the 14th you can use the discount code WBLove15 on their website, www.thriftypup.com to get 15% off your next product! Read Kimberly’s interview below and then head over to the Thrifty Pup shop to get your first bow tie or bandana! (The link and discount code is at the bottom as well! 💕)

What came first – your love of sewing, or did you realize how much you enjoyed creating after Kirby needed a party bowtie?

I grew up loving everything art + design and am always making things my with hands, so it’s in my nature to pursue creativity in my daily life.  The idea for this business developed naturally, but Kirby was always the inspiration.  He loves attention and wearing bowties got him exactly that.

You started out in your apartment in Chicago – what’s it been like starting up a dog product company online from your home? 

It’s been extremely rewarding and fulfilling especially thinking back to the very beginning when there was only an idea.  The entire brand was designed and built from scratch and I couldn’t be prouder of where we are today.  Most of our products are made with scrap and salvaged fabric so it is amazing that all of that material has been diverted from the landfill and made into something that makes people smile.

What’s your favourite part of making products for dogs?

Receiving the most adorable customer photos.  It is the best thing ever.

Your packaging is so incredible! It’s almost as exciting as the bowties inside the box! What’s the story behind all this gorgeous personal touch?

Branding is super important to me as I am visual and tactile person.  Everything is assembled and stamped by hand which fits in with the handcrafted aesthetic of the brand.  I have always wanted our customers to feel like they truly bought something special for their dog.

What great things are coming up for ThriftyPup in 2017?

We have already hit the ground running with our new website design that was launched in January.  We have many new product ideas in the works and are currently working on prototypes.  2017 will be a pretty busy year for me personally as we are expecting a baby girl in May so I’m sure we will be spending some time adjusting Kirby to his new role as a big brother. 🙂

Anything else you’d like to tell future bow tie doggies?

I love a design challenge!  We can make much more beyond our signature bowtie.  Even if we don’t have a product up on our online shop, we have done many custom orders especially for weddings and sporting events.  We can send fabric samples if you need to colour match or go on the hunt for the perfect fabric even if we don’t have it in stock.  Our absolute favourite custom order was a LED light-up bowtie for the holidays, and while we never got around to marketing it, it will definitely make it’s debut in 2017!

We’re so excited to be able to show off our Thrifty Pup bow ties. Hope you enjoyed getting to know this lovely brand a little more, and make sure to use your discount code WBLove15 on their site, www.thriftypup.com, for 15% off your next purchase!

💜 Happy Valentine’s Week! 💜

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