The Westie Bestie Shop is NOW OPEN!

Me, Peach and Lucy have been working on our first few products for the Westie Bestie Shop since January, and we’re SO excited (I’ll vouch for them) to reveal our first bits and bobs to all of you, toting one of our fave sayings “My Bestie is a Westie”.

Even when I was first putting together this site I knew I wanted to create an aesthetic that reflected my own home and the styles I’m drawn to; clean, white, modern yet with a litttttllllle bit of quirky individuality. (For me, that usually includes my utter love of Star Trek ). So, when it came to creating the first Westie Bestie products, I wanted to bring all of that into play… but with Westies.

First comes the “My Bestie is a Westie” Coffee Mug (or Tea Cup)! Either a 11oz or 15oz white, glossy mug that pays perfect homage to your little friend every morning! @Hugo_The_Westie (our first Insta-friend to receive our mug in the 1k Giveaway) said “I absolutely love it! It’s perfect for a big cup of tea!”

I completely agree… except with coffee. ☕️

And though I’m in love with the results from the Westie Bestie mug, I am even more in love with the “My Bestie is a Westie” Wall Hanging! Matte white paper printed with gorgeous black ink (in two sizes); it looks sleek and modern with that little twist of individuality for us Westie-nerds! What better way to express your love for amazing style and your love for your bestie??

Whilst we get things running smoothly we decided to manufacture and ship our products with Printful, meaning our products are made in the USA, sweatshop free, and on demand! No matter who we create with in the future, having ethically produced products is our #1.

So! Welcome to the new era of The Westie Besties! Really hope you enjoy our little shop with the bits and bobs that we have already, and all the bits and bobs we’ll be adding in the future. Revel in that Westividuality only us owners get to experience! XX

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