The Budget Bestie Blanket

We all love our dogs to bits… and it’s because of that love that we want the best for them. Some people take this alllll the way, and others take a very slim-line, basic approach to their dog’s well being. I end up in the middle of that spectrum. I’m a pretty minimalist dog owner. I do love having their Milk & Pepper winter jackets on when it’s cold outside (it’s sure cut down on our vet bills), and I love our little rain ponchos from Barking Babies (a must-have for Vancouver, plus it certainly helps our house not smelling like wet dog). Other than the two dog beds we just bought, we don’t have much! I did (I admit) fall in love with the American Apparel dog hoodies a year or so ago, but they get worn maybe once a year when it’s a bit chilly, or when Peach decides to do a Polar Bear Plunge in the middle of January (like yesterday). This love of “things for the dog” can spread to bowls, toys, collars, foods… the list is endless!

It was when I realized MY soft spot is dog blankets (no pun intended)… in their beds, in the car, on the couches… that I knew I had to find a better solution than buying the beautiful throws from IKEA, or finding actual “Dog” Blankets. (Dallah dallah billllls!) 💸

I was in Fabricland a few years ago (our local fabric and sewing shop) searching for some fabric for a new couch cover. Suddenly, I came across the discount aisle. It’s not that I wasn’t aware it was there before, but I didn’t realize how much gorgeous fluffy material was available! It was fleece heaven! All the colours of the rainbow…

Cue 💡 lightbulb 💡 moment.

Suddenly, I realized I no longer have to spend oodles of money finding the right colour of blankets for the house! (*cough* dogs). Here were all the colours I could imagine, sold for basically nothing per metre! Plus, once they cut your fabric, there’s nothing else you have to do. Because of the way fleece is made, there’s no edging needed to be done (unless you’d like to, of course). You’re done your DIY project before it began! Plus, it’s also easy to wash and very quick to dry if there’s a little doggie mess one day.

I was beyond thrilled, and needless to say, that afternoon I left with quite a few new items for our home (*cough* dogs). One of my favourite picks (ever) was a big, gorgeous dusty purple cut that fits all the way across the back of the car, plus is fits across our entire bed if there’s a slumber party goin’ on. 🙌🏻

Now, whenever people come over and comment on the dog blankets that suit the house so perfectly, I tell them my wonderful not-so-secret secret, and send them to the nearest fabric shop. (Or now, online!)

Tell me the best shops near you, and send me some pics of your finds! If you’re a dog blanket lover like me, you’ll enjoy saving that moolah!

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