My Westie Barometer

Peach is soon to be 5 years old. A 5-year-old, weather reading Westie.

WARNING: If you don’t like talking about doggie facts like throwing up and morning yellow bile moments that plague some of our fur-babies, stop reading now. 🙈

It started happening after we moved our little family to Vancouver from Melbourne, (though why this didn’t happen in the Melbourne winters, I don’t know)! Our first winter in Vancouver gave us quite the fright. There were far too many occasions where Peach would begin the day throwing up yellow bile. (Yuck). After that happened, she’d stop eating.

When this first started happening we were off to the vet straight away, but tests always came back fine… and without fail she’d begin eating and bouncing around a day or so later. WTF.

It was almost a year later that something hit me. It might have even been a joke I made, that once passing my lips made me stand there in awe of the truth… Peach gets sick and stops eating every time a big pressure system comes through, causing it to rain. Again: WTF.

And don’t worry! Anyone I tell this to thinks I’m ridiculous. I see it in their eyes even if they’ve been able to keep their snort of “this woman is one of THOSE people” to themselves. I’m okay with this. 😀

Being small dogs, we’ve had to make meals a little different in our house. Two meals a day was too far apart, causing (again) the lovely yellow bile moments. We’ve now got it split down to 4 meals a day; 8am, 1pm, 6pm, and bed time. It makes things a little harder, should we need to be out longer than 4-5 hours, but since making the switch we’ve had no more empty tummy troubles. So, when Peach was still having bad mornings every now and then, we knew it wasn’t the meal times!

The night before it happens it’ll be very cloudy; ready to rain in a very Vancouver way. The girls will have their last night meal at a normal time, but despite our best efforts, she’ll wake up a little before us the next morning and… well… not good. After that, she won’t touch her food. She’ll curl up in a little ball, only to move to rush to the nearest corner and do it all over again. And yup, it’ll ALWAYS be pouring rain outside.

We’ve tried so many things to make her eat on those mornings… trying to keep her from feeling more ill… but we can’t force it. If we do, she ends up bringing it back up all over again anyways! The big lesson that I keep having to teach myself is: I have to allow her the space she needs to get through that day… to do what her little natural system needs to do when (apparently) bad weather rolls in. We’ve done the tests, we’ve stayed up all night with her, tried to give her food we know she can’t refuse… but, we have to let her do her thing. Even if it means we can hear her tummy grumbling from the other side of the room all day. 😔

Now, 15 hours later, either the rain’s clearing up or the clouds are getting a little brighter… she’s got up, had a meal and looks very chuffed with herself. She’ll come over for a quick cuddle and then go back to bed to sleep off the rest of her weather-reading abilities.

Q: Anyone else experience this? I’d love to hear about it!

2 thoughts on “My Westie Barometer

  1. Interesting! I wonder if she’s suffering from a migraine… My old boss used to be incapacitated when a high pressure system would roll through. We lived in Hawaii so it wasn’t easy.

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