For the Love of Pet Insurance. And Really Good Vets.

This is a little bit of a throwback post. If you’re a follower of our Instagram, you may have seen the update that we decided to re-home our sweet little Lucy, but I’ve had this post written for months and have wanted to put it up for ages. If you remember even further back… a few months ago we had the adventure of Lucy vs. an unknown bug. It was a week from hell, but MAN was it lovely having all the support from fellow dog lovers online like you. And our pet insurance company, Trupanion.

Firstly, I need to explain that Peach is the dog that is constantly sick, or off her food, or being a little diva. Lucy was one of the most straight forward dogs I’ve ever owned. She had quite a secluded beginning before coming to our home, so she’s shy and mighty quirky, but overall she’s always healthy and damned predictable! So, you can imagine when she suddenly starting being sick after eating (and I mean EVERY time), we were utterly perplexed and very worried. It went on all day, so we called up our vet and made an appointment as soon as there was time. That evening, after a few hours in Burrard Animal Hospital & Emergency, she was sent home with instructions for a 24 hour fast so she could get back for a big X-ray the next morning.

It was so sad to see her poor little tummy on the morning X-ray. It was swollen up, making it no wonder Lucy couldn’t keep any food down for the last few days. The wonderful vet we worked with, Dr. Roey, was incredibly sensitive to Lucy’s needs as they ruled out what was wrong with her, and was always very clear about what our options were (and the prices of each option) throughout this whole process.

There are two reasons I wanted to write this post. One: to thank the wonderful, thorough humans at Burrard Animal Hospital & Emergency who did such an incredible job of taking care of Lucy, and two: to talk about how having Trupanion Pet Insurance made such a massive impact on our ability to make decisions for Lucy’s care.

Should we not have had insurance, we wouldn’t have been able to keep Lucy at the hospital for the days she needed… which, in this case, would have meant when her heart rate and cortisol levels plummeted the second time she was in hospital, she would have been at home and we could have lost her.

After a night in hospital, Lucy was brought home and put on some meds. She had a shaved leg. a big shaved belly, and was sleeping a lot. I knew she would be tired after a stressful weekend at the vet, but after a few days of barely wanting to get up and still not eating… I was getting worried. Back to the vet we go!

This time, Lucy stayed in the hospital for four days, re-hooked up to a wee little IV through her leg. More X-rays and testing… her cortisol levels were worryingly low and there were more bugs they could check for. The shiny lining to our cloud: every step of the way we could say YES to tests; yes to her staying at the hospital in the best of care because we had pet insurance. I remember Dr. Roey presenting a few more ideas to me in the examination room and him looking surprised (and relieved) when I didn’t hesitate at the chance of doing more for Lucy. Apparently, not many people can take the expense of more than one test, even if they haven’t found the reason why their little fur-babies are sick. This astounded me. Utterly. Luke and I have always had pet insurance for both Peach and Lucy (with Trupanion) so when these mysterious bugs come along, we can take every measure to make it better. Me being me, I thought everyone had insurance!

Four days and many tests later we found the culprit. It was treatable, and Lucy began to perk up on new meds! Life was good. And… on top of all that: After paying Lucy’s deductible to Trupanion, the rest of our bills were covered by our policy. Though we were worried sick about Lucy it was never financially, allowing us to make the best decisions for our little girl. And that was magic.

Thank you to everyone at Burrard Animal Hospital & Emergency for your kindness, for cuddling Lucy every chance you got, and for not settling for less than awesomeness. It showed. And thank you Trupanion. If I had a say, I’d wave a wand so everyone could have insurance for their little pickles. For those silly accidents, and the serious ones. X


This post contains affiliate links with Trupanion, wherein I receive a small amount of money if you are accepted for a Trupanion Insurance Plan. Thank you for helping me be able to create this doggie (and vet) lovin’ content for you! X

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