Congratulations @Hugo_the_Westie!

Three days and over 500 entries in our 1k Giveaway Contest! We were so happily overwhelmed to see everyone taking part and getting a chance to win our “My Bestie is a Westie” mug (coming soon to our WB Shop)! Peach got a good night’s sleep and was very ready for the task of choosing the winning ticket! Annndddd….. drumroll, please! (Watch the video to see Peach choose the winner!)

That’s right @Hugo_the_Westie, Peach picked you to receive our first Westie Bestie mug! Hope you enjoy it, and stay tuned everypawdy! These gorgeous mugs will be available here, on our site in the next week!

Make sure you head over to @Hugo_the_Westie’s Instagram Account and follow that cutie pie! XX

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