A HUGE Thank You Giveaway!

What a few weeks it’s been! Hitting 1k followers on Instagram in 4 weeks then our week of loooove with Thrifty Pups… we’re feeling so unbelievably blessed here in Vancouver!

So much so, we’ve decided to give you a sneak peek at one of our new products coming soon to our website, and a chance to win one for yourself! The “My Bestie is a Westie” mug is one of our fave items we’ve been designing, so we can’t WAIT to send the lucky winner theirs!

To enter our 1k Giveaway, head over to our Instagram @TheWestieBesties, follow our account and tag as many of your Westie-loving friends in the comment section of our Giveaway post! (You can’t miss it). Every tag you make gets you an entry in the Giveaway – Peach will be choosing the winner on Wednesday morning!

Head on over to our Instagram now and enter to get your “My Bestie is a Westie” mug! And thank you SO much for all the support for our wee account!



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